I have attempted to install the beta on an android phone that had never
before had J installed on it.  Then I tried using it and was stymied. I
can't load or save anything.  For example, I have an ijs file I want to use
from downloads. Soon as I do the load and then hit ".." To walk the tree J

Trying  to make a new file, pick default name of 1.ijs and I get "no such
file or directory" when I try to save...but the modified flag is cleared so
it won't save again until I change the file. I believe that the
j64-805-user and possibly ancestors were not created as part of the beta
install.  I thought about installing 805 and then 807 again to test this
but could not find a link to the stable install download area on the J
software site. This is using chrome on Android.

On Feb 26, 2018 16:58, "Eric Iverson" <eric.b.iver...@gmail.com> wrote:

> J807 beta-a release packages are available.
> This release has a new J Engine. The JE includes a rework of noun headers
> and memory allocation. One benefit is that noun headers are now smaller and
> fit in a single cache line on modern hardware and this should benefit
> overall performance.
> But primarily, this is the first step in allowing noun memory to back each
> other.
> Currently the expression
>    #each <;._2 fread'~system/main/stdlib.ijs'
> builds a complete noun with its own copy of the relevant data for each of
> the partitions.
> In the final 807 release, that expression would just generate a small noun
> header for each partition that addressed memory in the original allocation.
> The expression will run faster in less memory.
> More examples and discussion as the J807 beta cycle progresses.
> J807 will be a significant release. Please help the community by taking
> time for a look, and then stay current as things move along. Early adopters
> provide valuable feedback, shake out bugs, and contribute to a stable final
> release.
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