Dear colleagues,

I'm trying to debug a long standing misfeature in our of Invenio
sites.  As I cannot go further alone, I kindly request your help

A quick reminder.  At UAB we have three Invenio sites, one of them
( was first installed ten years ago, and the other
ones ( and are newer, each
of them a few years from the other.  We have our own Marc record
editing module (basically, a simple textarea form, with some local
extras thrown in) and so, we haven't used Invenio record editor.
However, from time to time we need to explore record history an so,
we'd like to access it.  It well for our newer sites (Traces and
IFMuC), but not for DDD.

From time to time, specially after Invenio upgrades, I try to run it
with the hope that it magically works, but it doesn't.  We have
upgraded to 1.1.6 this weekend and we are still in the same situation.

I've been comparing tables and Javascript libraries (they are
identical), and checked that command-line bibedit works well (I can
retrieve record history and I can compare record revisions).  I have
also compared the HTML page produced for our installations and it is
basically the same, modulo site urls and name.  I've found that the
difference stands here:

@@ -130,23 +130,25 @@

 Edit physical copies

-       Checking status...
+       Ready

 Special symbols <#> Help <#>
-Dipòsit Digital de Documents de la UAB :: Cerca

When I go to the simplest URL screen, that is, with no record
(, in the lower left part of the
screen there is this «Checking status...» message.  The same screen in
any of our two sites (includig the sister test ones) show a «Ready»
message.  The icons in the top left part of the screen («New record»,
«Clone record» and «Manage templates») are also inactive for DDD, but
work perfectly for Traces and IFMuC.  Record searching doesn't work
either, as it seems busy and locked due to this «Checking status...»

Looking at Python code (lib/python/invenio/
doesn't give me much help.  And Javascript debugging is not one of my

Ideas are welcome.



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