*Hi All,*

*Please check and let me know*

*Kindly mail me at nik...@apetan.com <nik...@apetan.com>*

*Java Developer with Liferay experience*

*Chicago, IL*

*6+ months*

*Phone and FTF interview*

Technical Skills

   - Experience designing and implementing design patterns into JEE
   - Experience implementing JEE-based MVC frameworks (such as Spring MVC,
   Play Framework etc)
   - Spring Framework experience (Dependency Injection, Spring MVC,
   Transaction Management)
   - Object Relational Mapping experience with JPA, Hibernate or similar.
   Understanding of ORM abstractions such as Spring Data is desirable.
   - Experience working with Java based web services, Remote Procedure Call
   and HTTP Service
   - Experience in security, high availability, cloud, or big data
   - API design and construction (REST, SOAP etc)
   - Middle tier integration with ESBs or API Gateways
   - Delivery experience with NoSQL databases (MongoDB, CouchDB,
   Elasticsearch, Apache Solr etc.)
   - Experience with Authentication and single sign-On construct and
   standards like SAML, OAuth, OpenID
   - DevOps expertise (Jenkins, Chef, Puppet etc.)
   - Needs to understand basic source control constructs as it pertains to
   commits, pushes, branching, merging etc. Git experience is highly desirable.
   - Candidate should be conversant in common public cloud platforms such
   as AWS and Azure. Working knowledge of using and deployment on these
   platforms is a plus.
   - Relational database modeling and design
   - Experience integrating to enterprise systems and database back-ends
   - Java Certifications, Liferay, Adobe, etc. all a plus


Nikhil Prasad



Apetan Consulting LLC

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