I'm getting error again.

    Error reading from server mozdev.org: -1: Unknown error

Are these errors coming and going on there own or is someone actively fixing 
problems as they crop up?  The reason I ask is that past day the CVS server has 
not been reliable and I'm wondering if it's something that's being worked on or 
is it just randomly going up and down?

The Mercurial server is working great, unfortunately the CVS server is still 
required to update releases and www.
  "Michael Kraft" <morac99-firef...@yahoo.com> wrote in message 
  Sorry for the double post, apparently the newsgroup forwards to the maling 
list and vice-versa.

  Any way it's back up again.
    "Michael Kraft" <morac99-firef...@yahoo.com> wrote in message 
It came up shortly after you posted and it was up an hour ago, but it's down 
again.  It was simply not responding, but now it closes the connection when any 
character is sent.It seems to be dying an awful lot lately.On 9/14/11 11:33 AM, 
Pete Collins wrote:
>I'll take a look asap ...
>On 9/14/11 11:29 AM, Michael Kraft wrote:
>> It appears to be down again.  I was using it about 30 minutes ago, but now 
>> it has stopped responding to commands.  I can still connect to the port and 
>> stay connected, but it doesn't respond to any commands.
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