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Could someone check what's going on?

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Anand Swaminathan implemented two very nice facilities for LibX editions
that include Summon in their configuration.

They are described on our blog: http://libx.org/libx-blog/ specifically:

We would like your feedback and suggestions for these services. We think
they're really cool.

We checked the existing LibX edition configurations, and found a fair
number of them that include Summon. However, unfortunately,  few of them
include Summon as their primary catalog, which is a prerequisite to
benefiting from these services.

We are putting all this effort into supporting Summon for a couple of
reasons. First, we have Summon at Virginia Tech. Second, to our knowledge,
Summon is the only major vendor that openly documents their APIs and access
points and does not require any NDA to create implementations that interact
with them.

However, even Summon has different service points with different levels of
services. The highest level of service can be obtained from the Summon API,
which we know some of you are using for other applications. We created a
PhP proxy for LibX that you must install if you wish to use the Summon API,
see http://libx.lib.vt.edu/services/summon/

Fortunately, Summon also provides a slightly lesser service, which does not
require any API access, via its 'Summon Search Widget' facility. LibX
supports this service as well, and does so without requiring you to obtain
an API key or running your own proxy.

Please share your feedback as well as ideas on how to extend these services!

 - Godmar & Anand

ps: also, if you feel that we are overly restrictive in requiring Summon to
be the primary catalog, let us know. Our rationale is that the link should
go to the same place as the tooltip. Generally, most libraries import their
entire print catalog into Summon, so there's really little need to directly
search the print catalog - but local considerations
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