Hello everyone,

First of all, this is my first email on this list as new Prometheus
maintainer. I want to thank the Prometheus team and the community for
their trust and their support. I am looking forward to work with our
community to build the future of the Prometheus server and ecosystem.

A new release candidate of the Prometheus server, Prometheus
2.25.0-rc.0. This release is intended for testing purpose and your
feedback is greatly valuable. Please test this release and report any
bug you might encounter.

This new release brings a lot of bugfixes and improvements. Here are
some highlights (sorry, I could not list everything).

The remote write client has the ability to send custom HTTP headers. A
regression that would no longer log the remote write errors as warnings
has been fixed. Those errors should now be logged by default.

If you use promtool to test your alert, you can now name your test
groups to recognize them easily in the failure logs.

Next to plenty of other enhancements and bugfixes, we are adding feature
flags into Prometheus. Feature flags enable users to experiment with new
patterns and features, which might change or be removed in the future.

The first feature that can be optionally enabled is a `remote write
receiver`. It means that a Prometheus server can receive remote write
requests from another Prometheus server. This enables new patterns of
working with Prometheus.

The second feature is a `@ <timestamp>` modifier. This enables a new
range of possibilities for PromQL queries, which I am sure will be
detailed soon in different places. Stay tuned!

Note that we have been publishing release-candidates documentation on
the prometheus website for a few months now, so you can already find the
Prometheus 2.25 documentation here:
In particular, here is the page about the feature flags:

The v2.25.0-rc.0 can be found in the usual locations:

- See the full changelog & grab the binaries:
- See https://quay.io/repository/prometheus/prometheus?tab=tags and
https://hub.docker.com/r/prom/prometheus/tags for container images.

Julien Pivotto

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