Hello everyone,

A new release of the Prometheus server, Prometheus 2.25.1, is there.

This fixes a crash with promtool unit tests and subqueries with default
interval, a rare bug that can result into duplicate datapoints in
query results, and fixes crashes when Prometheus is built with go1.16
and arm64.

This release is still built with go1.15. We see demand to have Apple
Silicon supported natively by Prometheus. This bugfix release is a first
step in that direction, and we intend to have official Apple Silicon
builds for the next release, which will be built with go1.16.

The v2.25.1 can be found in the usual locations:

- See the full changelog & grab the binaries:
- See https://quay.io/repository/prometheus/prometheus?tab=tags and
https://hub.docker.com/r/prom/prometheus/tags for container images.

Julien Pivotto

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