v2.26.0-rc.0 was released today. Please try it out and give us feedback!

Notable changes:

   - Experimental query editor UI helps you to write correct PromQL 
   queries, with auto-completion, syntax highlighting, and linting. 🤩
   - Two experimental features have been added, these are disabled by 
   default and may change in the future 
   - If you enable `--enable-feature=exemplar-storage`, Prometheus will 
      hold a certain amount of scraped OpenMetrics' Exemplars in circular 
      It will also expose `/api/v1/query_exemplars` querying HTTP API. 
      are allowing sweet correlations between metrics and log ling or trace. 🚀
      - PromQL support for negative offset in queries via feature flag 
      `--enable-feature=promql-negative-offset`. (eg. 
      `sum_over_time(metric[1h:1m] offset -5m)`) 💥
   - Prometheus is now built and supporting Go 1.16 (#8544). This reverts 
   the memory release pattern added in Go 1.12. This makes common RSS usage 
   metrics showing a more accurate number for actual memory used by 
   Prometheus. You can read more details here 
   <https://www.bwplotka.dev/2019/golang-memory-monitoring/>. 📈

See for details: 

Kind Regards,
Bartek Plotka @bwplotka on behalf of Prometheus Team 

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