Hello everyone,

We just released v2.30.0-rc.0. Some of the highlights of these release are:

   - Snapshot in-memory chunks on shutdown for faster restarts. (Note that 
   you will not experience the speedup right when you enable this feature, but 
   during the restarts that happen *after* Prometheus is already running 
   with this feature enabled).
   - Configure scrape interval and scrape timeout via relabeling 
   using __scrape_interval__ and __scrape_timeout__ labels respectively.
   - Ability to fine tune the scrape timestamp tolerance.

Along with this it also includes a bunch of optimisations in remote write, 
TSDB, promtool, and scraping.

- See the full changelog & grab the binaries: 
- See https://quay.io/repository/prometheus/prometheus?tab=tags and
  https://hub.docker.com/r/prom/prometheus/tags for container images.

Please test this release candidate and report any bugs you may encounter.


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