We've just released version 0.14.0 of the Java client: 

The release has yet another log4j version update in simpleclient_log4j2: 
This time to 2.16.0.

Apart from the log4j update we have a new feature:

[ENHANCEMENT] The HTTPServer can now be configured to use SSL (#695 
<https://github.com/prometheus/client_java/pull/695>). Thanks @dhoard 

A few words on the log4j update: The log4j dependency in simpleclient_log4j2 
has scope provided, i.e. simpleclient_log4j2 does not ship with log4j. 
simpleclient_log4j2 uses whatever log4j version the monitored application 
provides at runtime. Updating the log4j dependency in simpleclient_log4j2 
helps getting rid of security scanner warnings (see #733 
<https://github.com/prometheus/client_java/issues/733>), but in order to 
eliminate the log4j vulnerability you must make sure that the application 
you monitor ships with an up-to-date log4j version.


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