Dear Prometheus users,

There it is: The 2nd release candidate for the Prometheus server v2.33.0
(which might very well be identical to the final release…). It fixes a
deadlock that might have haunted you in agent mode. There are a few more
minor bugfixes and improvements and also a selected few updates of
dependencies to pull in relevant changes.

Binaries are available on the GitHub release page

You can find container images at Quay
<> and Docker Hub

Feedback is welcome.
2.33.0-rc.1 / 2022-01-19

   - [ENHANCEMENT] UI: Debounce search bar. #10157
   - [BUGFIX] TSDB: Fix deadlock from simultaneous GC and write. #10166
   - [BUGFIX] TSDB: Fix minor issues introduced in #10051. #10159

Björn Rabenstein
[PGP-ID] 0x851C3DA17D748D03

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