We've just released version 0.15.0 of the Java client: 

This release contains a major refactoring of Quantiles in Summary metrics. 
This will make them faster and use less memory. The new implementation also 
supports two corner cases that were not possible before: You can now use 
0) to track the minimum observed value and .quantile(1, 0) to track the 
maximum observed value. Thanks a lot @DieBauer <https://github.com/DieBauer>! 
#755 <https://github.com/prometheus/client_java/pull/755>

In addition to that the release includes:

[ENHANCEMENT] Lots of dependency version bumps.
[BUGFIX] Apply ServletConfig during Servlet initialization in 
simpleclient_servlet and simpleclient_servlet_jakarta #739 
[BUGFIX] HTTPServer: Don't send a Content-Length header when 
Transfer-Encoding is chunked #738 
<https://github.com/prometheus/client_java/pull/738>. Thanks @dhoard 
[BUGFIX] simpleclient_log4j set the log4j dependency scope as provided so 
that users don't accidentally pull the log4j version used in client_java. 
Note: This module is for monitoring log4j version 1, in simpleclient_log4j2 
the dependency scope is already provided.
[BUGFIX] simpleclient_dropwizard set the Dropwizard dependency scope as 
provided so that users don't accidentally pull the Dropwizard version used 
in client_java.


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