Dear Prometheus users,

We cut a new release candidate for the 2.35 series. It contains a fix for a
memory leak we found in the previous release candidate as well as some new
fixes listed below.

As always we appreciate any feedback you can provide while testing out this
2.35.0-rc.1 / 2022-04-14

   - [ENHANCEMENT] Update package uber.go/auomaxprocs to support cgroups2
   #10584 <>
   - [BUGFIX] Tracing/GRPC: Set TLS credentials only when insecure is
   false. #10592 <>
   - [BUGFIX] Agent: Fix ID collision when loading a WAL with multiple
   segments. #10587 <>
   - [BUGFIX] Revoke storing target and metadata cache in context. This can
   fix a memory link introduced in 2.35.0-rc0 #10590

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