Hey everyone,

A new patch version of prometheus/client_golang 
<https://github.com/prometheus/client_golang>, the instrumentation and the 
HTTP API client library for Prometheus in Go has been released.

1.12.2 / 2022-05-13 

   - [CHANGE] Added collectors.WithGoCollections that allows to choose what 
   collection of Go runtime metrics user wants: Equivalent of 
   MemStats structure <https://pkg.go.dev/runtime#MemStats> configured 
   using GoRuntimeMemStatsCollection, new based on dedicated runtime/metrics 
   <https://pkg.go.dev/runtime/metrics> metrics represented 
   by GoRuntimeMetricsCollection option, or both by 
   specifying GoRuntimeMemStatsCollection | GoRuntimeMetricsCollection flag.
   - [CHANGE] ⚠️ Change in collectors.NewGoCollector metrics: Reverting 
   addition of new ~80 runtime metrics by default. You can enable this back 
   with GoRuntimeMetricsCollection option or GoRuntimeMemStatsCollection | 
   GoRuntimeMetricsCollection for smooth transition.
   - [BUGFIX] Fixed the bug that causes generated histogram metric names to 
   end with _total. ⚠️ This changes 3 metric names in the new Go collector 
   that was reverted from default in this release.
      go_gc_heap_allocs_by_size_bytes_total -> go_gc_heap_allocs_by_size_bytes,
      go_gc_heap_frees_by_size_bytes_total -> go_gc_heap_allocs_by_size_bytes
      - go_gc_pauses_seconds_total -> go_gc_pauses_seconds.
   - [CHANCE] Removed -Inf buckets from new Go Collector histograms.

*Full Changelog*: v1.12.1...v1.12.2 


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