Dear Prometheus users,

Prometheus v2.36.0 has been released! This release includes a variety of 
changes and enhancements. 

Binaries are available on the GitHub release page 
<>, and 
container images can be found at Quay 
<> and Docker Hub 

Thank you!

2.36.0 / 2022-05-30

This Prometheus release uses go 1.18 and needs at least go1.17 going 

   - [FEATURE] Add lowercase and uppercase relabel action. #10641
   - [FEATURE] SD: Add IONOS Cloud integration. #10514
   - [FEATURE] SD: Add Vultr integration. #10714
   - [FEATURE] SD: Add Linode SD failure count metric. #10673
   - [FEATURE] Add prometheus_ready metric. #10682
   - [ENHANCEMENT] Add stripDomain to template function. #10475
   - [ENHANCEMENT] UI: Enable active search through dropped targets. #10668
   - [ENHANCEMENT] promtool: support matchers when querying label values. 
   - [ENHANCEMENT] Add agent mode identifier. #9638
   - [BUGFIX] Changing TotalQueryableSamples from int to int64. #10549
   - [BUGFIX] tsdb/agent: Ignore duplicate exemplars. #10595
   - [BUGFIX] TSDB: Fix chunk overflow appending samples at a variable 
   rate. #10607
   - [BUGFIX] Stop rule manager before TSDB is stopped. #10680

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