A new minor version of prometheus/client_golang 
<https://github.com/prometheus/client_golang>, the instrumentation and the 
HTTP API client library for Prometheus in Go has been released! Please 
check it out and send feedback to GitHub Issues/Discussions.

The notable change is the ability to use extended standard Go 
runtime/metrics <https://pkg.go.dev/runtime/metrics> with 
`collectors.GoCollector`, see Example 
here. You can enable one or all of them via simple regex. By default, only 
old MemStat metrics will be available (which can be disabled). We won't 
remove that in v1.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release - we had 16 new 
contributors (!) helping this time with 23 total.

   - [CHANGE] Minimum required Go version is now 1.17 (we also test 
   client_golang against the new 1.19 version).
   - [ENHANCEMENT] Added prometheus.TransactionalGatherer interface 
   for promhttp.Handler use which allows using low allocation update 
   techniques for custom collectors. #989 
   - [ENHANCEMENT] Added exemplar support to prometheus.NewConstHistogram. 
   See ExampleNewConstHistogram_WithExemplar 
   on how to use it. #986 
   - [ENHANCEMENT] prometheus/push.Pusher now has context-aware methods 
   that pass context to HTTP requests. #1028 
   - [ENHANCEMENT] prometheus/push.Pusher has now Error method that 
   retrieve last error. #1075 
   - [ENHANCEMENT] testutil.GatherAndCompare provides now readable diff on 
   failed comparisons. #998 
   - [ENHANCEMENT] Query API now supports timeouts. #1014 
   - [ENHANCEMENT] New MetricVec method DeletePartialMatch(labels 
   Labels) for deleting all metrics that match provided labels. #1013 
   - [ENHANCEMENT] api.Config now accepts passing custom *http.Client. #1025 
   - [BUGFIX] Raise exemplar labels limit from 64 to 128 bytes as specified 
   in OpenMetrics spec. #1091 
   - [BUGFIX] Allow adding exemplar to +Inf bucket to const histograms. 
   #1094 <https://github.com/prometheus/client_golang/pull/1094>
   - [ENHANCEMENT] Most promhttp.Instrument* middlewares now support adding 
   exemplars to metrics. This allows hooking those to your tracing middleware 
   that retrieves trace ID and puts it in exemplar if present. #1055 
   - [ENHANCEMENT] Added testutil.ScrapeAndCompare method. #1043 
   - [BUGFIX] Fixed GopherJS build support. #897 
   - [ENHANCEMENT] ⚠️ Added way to specify 
   what runtime/metrics collectors.NewGoCollector should use. See 
   . #1102 <https://github.com/prometheus/client_golang/pull/1102>

Kind Regards,
Bartek Plotka (@bwplotka)

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