Hello Prometheans,

We're pleased to announce the first Alertmanager's public release candidate
in the v0.25 series. It is available from the GitHub release page [1] or
from your favorite container registry (Docker Hub or Quay).
As you may notice, we had no rc.0 and rc.1 because the CI pipeline was a
bit rusty and we had to fix a few glitches before it could generate the
binaries and images.

We appreciate any feedback you can provide while testing out this


   - [CHANGE] Change the default parse_mode value from MarkdownV2 to HTML
   for Telegram. #2981
   - [CHANGE] Make api_url field optional for Telegram. #2981
   - [CHANGE] Use CanonicalMIMEHeaderKey instead of TitleCasing for email
   headers. #3080 <https://github.com/prometheus/alertmanager/pull/3080>
   - [CHANGE] Reduce the number of notification logs broadcasted between
   peers by expiring them after (2 * repeat interval). #2982
   - [FEATURE] Add proxy_url support for OAuth2 in HTTP client
   configuration. #3010
   - [FEATURE] Reload TLS certificate and key from disk when updated. #3168
   - [FEATURE] Add Discord integration. #2948
   - [FEATURE] Add Webex integration. #3132
   - [ENHANCEMENT] Add --web.systemd-socket flag to systemd socket
   activation listeners instead of port listeners (Linux only). #3140
   - [ENHANCEMENT] Add enable_http2 support in HTTP client configuration.
   #3010 <https://github.com/prometheus/alertmanager/pull/3010>
   - [ENHANCEMENT] Add min_version support to select the minimum TLS
   version in HTTP client configuration. #3010
   - [ENHANCEMENT] Add max_version support to select the maximum TLS
   version in HTTP client configuration. #3168
   - [ENHANCEMENT] Emit warning logs when truncating messages in
   notifications. #3145
   - [ENHANCEMENT] Add --data.maintenance-interval flag to define the
   interval between the garbage collection and snapshotting to disk of the
   silences and the notification logs. #2849
   - [ENHANCEMENT] Support HEAD method for the /-/healty and /-/ready
   endpoints. #3039 <https://github.com/prometheus/alertmanager/pull/3039>
   - [ENHANCEMENT] Truncate messages with the … ellipsis character instead
   of the 3-dots string .... #3072
   - [ENHANCEMENT] Add support for reading global and local SMTP passwords
   from files. #3038 <https://github.com/prometheus/alertmanager/pull/3038>
   - [ENHANCEMENT] Add Location support to time intervals. #2782
   - [ENHANCEMENT] UI: Add 'Link' button to alerts in list. #2880
   - [ENHANCEMENT] Add the source field to the PagerDuty configuration.
   #3106 <https://github.com/prometheus/alertmanager/pull/3106>
   - [ENHANCEMENT] Add support for reading PagerDuty routing and service
   keys from files. #3107
   - [ENHANCEMENT] Log response details when notifications fail for
   Webhooks, Pushover and VictorOps. #3103
   - [ENHANCEMENT] UI: Allow to choose the first day of the week as Sunday
   or Monday. #3093 <https://github.com/prometheus/alertmanager/pull/3093>
   - [ENHANCEMENT] Add support for reading VictorOps API key from file.
   #3111 <https://github.com/prometheus/alertmanager/pull/3111>
   - [ENHANCEMENT] Support templating for Opsgenie's responder type. #3060
   - [BUGFIX] Fail configuration loading if api_key and api_key_file are
   defined at the same time. #2910
   - [BUGFIX] Fix the alertmanager_alerts metric to avoid counting resolved
   alerts as active. Also added a new alertmanager_marked_alerts metric
   that retain the old behavior. #2943
   - [BUGFIX] Trim contents of Slack API URLs when reading from files. #2929
   - [BUGFIX] amtool: Avoid panic when the label value matcher is empty.
   #2968 <https://github.com/prometheus/alertmanager/pull/2968>
   - [BUGFIX] Fail configuration loading if api_url is empty for OpsGenie.
   #2910 <https://github.com/prometheus/alertmanager/pull/2910>
   - [BUGFIX] Fix email template for resolved notifications. #3166

[1] https://github.com/prometheus/alertmanager/releases/tag/v0.25.0-rc.2

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