New release candidate v2.44.0-rc.1, which includs a fix to a bug reported 
against 2.43.0.

* [BUGFIX] Labels: Set() after Del() would be ignored, which broke some 
relabeling rules. #12322

You can download at
Container images are also available at and


Bryan Boreham
On Friday, 28 April 2023 at 14:18:37 UTC+1 Bryan Boreham wrote:

> Hello Prometheus community!
> I am pleased to announce the availability of Prometheus 2.44.0-rc.0.
> This release features several performance improvements which should reduce 
> memory and CPU usage. The change to labels which was optional in v2.43 is 
> now built as standard.
> A number of improvements to the experimental Native Histograms feature are 
> included.
> Promtool can now check the health and readiness of a Prometheus server.
> The release also includes several bug-fixes.
> You can find the full changelog and download Prometheus 2.44.0-rc.0 at
> Container images are also available at
> and
> Thank you for your contributions and support in making Prometheus a
> better tool for monitoring and alerting.
> Regards,
> Bryan Boreham

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