Dear Prometheans,

I have published a new minor release for the Pushgateway: v1.6.0

Not a lot has happened, but if you are running the Pushgateway on s390x,
you’ll appreciate the pre-built binaries for this architecture. This work
was done by @modassarrana89 <>.
Furthermore, you can now use Snappy to compress pushes, contributed by
@danteu <>. The same pull request has also fixed a
possible file handle leak when using request compression, which means you
should definitely upgrade if you are compressing your pushes.

1.6.0 / 2023-05-25

   - [FEATURE] Add snappy encoding support for /metrics endpoint. #518
   - [ENHANCEMENT] Add pre-built binaries for the s390x architecture. #537
   - [BUGFIX] Fix possible leak of a file handle when using compression.

Björn Rabenstein
[PGP-ID] 0x851C3DA17D748D03

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