Hello everyone,

client_java 1.0.0 is a complete re-write of the Prometheus Java client 
library. The main new feature is support for Prometheus native histograms, 
but we are also using the opportunity to clean things up.

The first pre-releases are available, current version is 1.0.0-alpha-2 

The new modules are independent of the existing simpleclient modules.

   - prometheus-metrics-core - core metric library.
   - prometheus-metrics-model - data model for read-only immutable 
   Prometheus metrics snapshots.
   - prometheus-metrics-exposition-formats - text format, OpenMetrics 
   format, Prometheus protobuf format.
   - prometheus-metrics-config - runtime configuration, e.g. for 
   configuring new histogram buckets at runtime.
   - prometheus-metrics-exporter-servlet-jakarta - exporter servlet.

We also started working on documentation:

   - example-tomcat-servlet 
   Simple example with a Tomcat servlet to get started with Prometheus native 
   - example-exemplars-tail-sampling 
   Example of how to use Exemplars with OpenTelemetry's Tail Sampling.

Feedback and Github issues are welcome!

Before we mark the 1.0.0 release we will implement a bridge for the 
existing simpleclient modules for backwards compatibility, and we will port 
popular modules like the HTTP server and the JVM metrics.

The source code for the 1.0.0 modules is on branch 1.0.x 


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