On Fri, 22 May 2020 at 22:59, Julien Pivotto <roidelapl...@prometheus.io>

> Dear developers,
> Do you think we could hide the head chunk PR under a feature flag for
> now?
> I observe that to run some of the test it creates in my tmpfs
> directories of 16GB, then tests just fail.
> As far as I know Prometheus should only require Posix compliant file
> systems and to the best of my knowledge, tmpfs is Posix compliant.
>  $ go test -run TestSubquerySelector -v
>  === RUN   TestSubquerySelector
>      TestSubquerySelector: test.go:536: closing test storage: sync
>      /tmp/test_storage431942557/chunks_head/000028: file already closed
>      --- FAIL: TestSubquerySelector (1.23s)
>      FAIL
>      exit status 1
>      FAIL    github.com/prometheus/prometheus/promql 1.237s
> Chaning TMPDIR to ext4 make the test work again.
> $ du -hs
>  /tmp/test_storage431942557/*
>  14G     /tmp/test_storage431942557/chunks_head
>  0       /tmp/test_storage431942557/lock
>  128K    /tmp/test_storage431942557/wal
> I think that overall that change might have many other blind spots, so I
> am wondering if that would be possible to somehow hide it under a
> feature flag, disabled by default?

If we've this sort of issue I think we should be looking to fix that prior
to release, rather than putting out buggy code.

Brian Brazil

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