Hello Prometheans,

Now that we have agreed to move the Windows Exporter to be an official
exporter, we can work on the details.

One of them is the license. The windows exporter is released under MIT,
but the CNCF mandates us to release under Apache-2 or get an exeption
from the Governing Board:

See https://github.com/cncf/foundation/blob/main/charter.md
"If the license for a project included in CNCF is not Apache License,
Version 2.0, approval of the Governing Board shall be required."

In this case, there are 98 identified contributors, and because Apache-2
is less permissive than MIT, making the switch would require us to
contact all of them and ask their permission (because Apache-2 would
grant anyone perpetual patent over their code).

In this sense, I think we should ask for an exception to the GB with the
following arguments:

- The Windows exporter would be a great addition to the Prometheus
- MIT is a permissive - and Open Source license
- Being able to simply *contact* 100 people is unlikely to succeed, even
  then they would all need to agree
- The Windows exporter is not required to run Prometheus or its main
  components - it is just an optional addon and not part of the core
  monitoring/alerting product.

Note: I am not a lawyer, so this email is written with my best
understanding of the matter.


Julien Pivotto

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