They could live for 5s or 1 hour.  Does it really matter what you send to
pushgateway? It supports counters so why not push them?

A TTL is all we need here.

On Sat, Jul 1, 2023 at 5:32 PM Bjoern Rabenstein <> wrote:

> On 29.06.23 08:47, 'Braden Schaeffer' via Prometheus Developers wrote:
> > It's the same as calculating the total incoming request rate of N pods
> in a
> > deployment: sum(rate(grpc_request_count{service=foo}[5m]))
> 🤔 I'm surprised that you seem to push a counter metric to the
> Pushgateway.
> I would say the intended use case for the Pushgateway is that a
> batch job pushes its metrics upon completion. That means you only ever
> have one value of those metrics, so a `rate` on those would always
> result in zero.
> Are you perhaps pushing multiple times during the runtime of your
> batch jobs? That would be weird indeed for a PGW use case. Why don't
> you just scrape your jobs normally then?
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> Björn Rabenstein
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