Hello All,

I need help in my below use case.

We have a centralized python application which continuously monitors state 
for other applications by running tests. We creates *GUAGE* metrics with a 
value (Ex. 100) and set to different value when state changes (Ex. 200 or 
300) using gauge's set function (python prometheus_client instrumentation). 
This run frequently (1min, 5m etc) depending on tests.

Our central application runs with multiples pods in load balancing. So any 
pod can serve the request and set the metric value to new/existing one.

We are scraping individual pods every minute using k8s discovery (role: 
pods), now here any of the pod/instance can have latest/recent updated 
value. N*ow my problem is how to get the metric with latest value out of 
all instances' metrics.*

Aggregations on 'instance' label like sum/min or max won't be a ideal 
choice here, may be `last` (which I don't find. I am aware of 
last_over_time but that is kind of to fill the data-point gaps with 
previous values)
Currently I am living with `last_over_time(max without(instance) 
(metric_name))` but as I explained it is giving wrong results for flaky 

I tried to explain as best as possible, still let me know if any missing 
gaps to understand the scenario.

Thanks in advance.


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