I am currently managing a K3s cluster (v1.27.6+K3s) using Rancher, with 
Prometheus installed for monitoring purposes. I've set up the monitoring 
charts through the Rancher UI. Now, I'm aiming to integrate this Prometheus 
setup with our existing Zabbix monitoring infrastructure. Specifically, I 
want Prometheus to send monitoring data to a Zabbix proxy, which will then 
forward it to our central Zabbix server.

I've reviewed the Zabbix documentation, but most of the resources seem 
tailored towards Kubernetes (k8s) environments, and I haven't found clear 
guidance for integrating Prometheus from a K3s cluster with Zabbix via a 
Zabbix proxy.

Could anyone provide insights or guidance on how to achieve this 
integration? Any relevant resources, configurations, or best practices 
would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

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