Hello, I would like to consult if Prometheus is a good solution for my 

I develop application which responsibility is to create backup services in 
different third parties. For example one client can buy backup service in 
third party A, second client can also buy backup service in third party A, 
and third client can buy backup service in third party B. I would like to 
monitor parameters of backup services in those third parties. I can get 
current parameter values by APIs provided by these third parties. But what 
is important I need to monitor these parameters separately for each client.

I would like to do it like this. App I am developing can get parameters I 
want to monitor, then save it in its database with timestamp representing 
time when parameter value has been gotten from third party by API of this 
third party. App can give Prometheus an endpoint with created metrics based 
on data saved in database. When I think of metrics and how they could look 
like I see metrics like this:


where a and b are third parties in which backup services actually work and 
service_id is label to identify concrete service and to connect it to 
client who bought this backup service. So number of labels will be probably 

Summarizing I want to monitor storage usage for each service bought by 
clients. Does it make sense and is it a good solution?

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