Can you give examples of the metrics in question, and what conditions 
you're trying to check for?

Looking at your specific PromQL query: Firstly, in my experience, it's very 
unusual in Prometheus queries to use ==bool or >bool, and in this specific 
case definitely seems to be wrong.

Secondly, you won't be able to join the LH and RH sides of your expression 
with "and" unless either they have exactly the same label sets, or you 
modify your condition using "and on (...)" or "and ignoring (...)".

"and" is a vector intersection operator, where the result vector includes a 
value if the labels match, and the value is taken from the LHS, and that 
means it doesn't combine the values like you might be used to in other 
programming languages. For example,

vector(0) and vector(1)  => value is 0
vector(1) and vector(0)  => value is 1
vector(42) and vector(99)  => value is 42

This is as described in the documentation 

vector1 and vector2 results in a vector consisting of the elements of 
vector1 for which there are elements in vector2 with exactly matching label 
sets. Other elements are dropped. The metric name and values are carried 
over from the left-hand side vector.

PromQL alerts on the presence of values, and in PromQL you need to think in 
terms of "what (labelled) values are present or absent in this vector", 
using the "and/unless" operators to suppress elements in the result vector, 
and the "or" operator to add additional elements to the result vector.

Maybe these explanations help:

On Friday 19 April 2024 at 16:31:23 UTC+1 Robson Jose wrote:

> Good afternoon, I would like to know if it is possible to do this query, 
> the value that should return is applications with a value of 0 in the first 
> query and greater than one in the 2nd
> (
>   sum by (consumergroup, topic) 
> (delta(kafka_consumergroup_current_offset{}[5m])/5) ==bool 0
> ) 
> and (
>   sum by (topic) (delta(kafka_consumergroup_current_offset{}[5m])/5) >bool 
> 1
> )

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