Today's Price $2.80 



     CETG announced more positive news October 9, 2008 that should make another 
$1,000,000 in revenues.

     The average investor is sitting on the side lines and waiting for things 
to happen in the market when there are great buys on companies that are growing 
their business. Analysts love Small Cap companies with strong cash flow.

Highlight on reasons to own CETG in your portfolio:

1. Positive cash flow
2. Applied for AMEX listing
3. The company is expanding its business interest
4. Revenues are increasing
5. Huge demand for domestic oil and natural

CETG is trading at a tremendous starting level to make a very profitable trade 
in the stock. The ability of CETG to bring in capital, contacts and financial 
stability makes it an ideal partner for many companies in the energy sector who 
desire growth and capitalization expansion. Do your own research on Capital 
city Energy Group Inc.!


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