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Site Geared Towards the Real Estate Needs of Car Collectors and People with 
Hard-to-Find or Unique Parking Requirements (and Realtors too) reaches 
1,000,000 subscribers

Mountain View, CA   October 29, 2008

   is growing faster than we expected, claims Robert 
“BC” Cross and it really provides vindication for all of the hard work and 
effort that has gone into this company from day one. 
appeals to a wide range of people and it is our goal to appeal to anyone who 
has unique parking or difficult parking and garaging requirements.  This is a 
resource for the whole world and people and companies can advertise their car 
property in any country and have a worldwide audience as well as a local 

       According to Cross, our core is built around the undeniable love of 
garage spaces by car collectors and enthusiasts. From that base we are bring 
real estate brokers and agents into the fold and other people who either love 
garages or who just need help marketing their garage space or help finding 
their unique parking needs. 

       Our goals and our focus are based on the plain and simple fact that we 
have identified a huge untapped market that has been hidden for many years. By 
harnessing the power, reach and social networking ingredients of the internet 
with people’s desire to find relevant and fun information, 
is on a path to have a huge impact on Car Collecting, Online Social Networking 
and even the Real Estate industry.   As far as we are concerned, our primary 
goal is to provide a dynamic resource, for people and professionals (agents), 
where advertisements can be placed and where Car Properties can be found if 
they are for sale or for rent.   

     Since our launch out of our beta mode on June 19th, our membership ranks 
have swelled to over 1 million subscribers. We now have 12 categories (we 
started with just 5 categories) and they cover many different types of Car 
Properties, as well as categories for companies or individuals who have garage 
services, garage merchandise or garage art .. and even books about the garage. 

     One of the coolest new categories that has been added is called: Metro 
Garages (Residential) and we have offered this category to help deal with the 
huge problem of finding indoor parking in houses or condominiums in big cities 
throughout the United States and the rest of the world. This can be a one car 
garage. It can be a garage that is for rent or one that is for sale separately 
from the house (in some areas this is possible). A Metro Garage can also be a 
house for sale that has a big garage for that big city where it is located. 

     Backed up with over 5 years of research into the idea of; What is a Car 
Property, Robert “BC” Cross (the founder of, has identified 
the most relevant places, property types and business types that can be 
considered a Car Property. This research and insight has led to what we believe 
is the largest possible market to meet the definition of a Car Property. Even 
the Federal government has agreed that the words, Car Property, are terminology 
that deserves Trademark protection. 

            Every car guy and car gal dreams of owning their own Car Property 
heaven, or garage mahal, whatever you want to call it, but finding them has 
been tough until now!. helps aficionados get the super special 
garage space they want. How else can they keep their incredible cars in tip top 
shape? How else can they have a workshop that is the envy of all of their gear 
head buddies? How else will they be able to throw a monster party where no one 
has to ever step foot into their house because their garage has a full kitchen, 
two full bathrooms, a rotating platform to highlight their best car and room 
for at least 10 other cars and their guests? 

            Car collectors have needed us for a long time and now we are here. 
For many of our visitors, members and fans; a Car Property Masterpiece Garage 
is all that matters. is where the garage matters.


Contact Person      “BC” Cross
Company     a service of the Car Property Group
Phone Number         650-396-7496
Fax Number           650-376-1160
Email Address        [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Web site:   is owned and operated by the Car Property Group. 

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