Tim Crawford's faith in what he thinks is a fundamental truth in the energy 
business seems to sustain him as oil and natural gas prices tumble and stock 
values fall.

"Everyone has to fill their gas tank and heat their home," said the CEO of 
Capital City Energy Group Inc. in Columbus. "Alternative (energy) will go only 
so far, so we're entrenched in fossil fuels. We're not getting off the stuff 

It's good Crawford sees things that way, given that Capital City Energy became 
a publicly traded company last spring as it began a transition toward a 
full-service oil and natural gas operating company. Since then, oil and natural 
gas prices have plunged by more than half and credit markets have practically 
dried up for businesses with growth aspirations.

Crawford isn't sweating it. The long-range global demand for oil and natural 
gas and an integrated business model designed to generate revenue in good times 
and bad will allow Capital City Energy to move ahead, he said.


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