Today's Date Nov. 19 2008

     I'm real person, self-employed, affordable independent web developer and 
programmer, been in business for about 5 years now and I'm sending this email 
to say hello and offer help with your web developments or any marketing you may 

Here's a list of what I can do or offer you;

# Build a new website for your business or upgrade your existing site. ~

# SEO Services for increased organic search engine indexing. ~

# Build affordable, small business specific websites, online web-stores and 
web-based applications to your specifications. ~

#  Search Engine Optimization services that will push your site to the top 
within weeks instead of months. ~

#  Build custom web sites for Auto Dealers, Salons, Realties/Realtors and other 
active/interactive businesses. ~

# Install a content management system so that you can manage your website 
yourself. ~


Also, I can-do or get-done most marketing related jobs as well - so if you have 
any questions - let me know. ~

# CAD Drawings to scale. Drawing conversion services, 2D Drafting and 3D 
Modeling, FEA Services, Product Design and Development Services.

# Data Entry - One time or a hundred times.

I am nearly always available, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. I make it a 
priority to assist you when you need me.

All websites that I build are optimized using proper keyword density to help 
achieve optimum search engine ranking. I pay attention to the smaller details 
that big design agencies overlook or don't care about.

I provide one year of free small business web hosting with any new website, if 
you want it. (video excluded)

Each website is marketed for 3 full months with advertising and promotions at 
no additional charge. That's FREE hosting for a year and FREE advertising for 3 
months to help your business grow.

This is my website:  (the site is being rebuilt in the next few weeks so 
check back too)

An estimate for your project can be sent within a few hours.

If you would like to speak with me personally call me anytime at: (702) 

I would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

My background is in marketing and most often I am able to assist my customers 
with ideas they had not considered.
Most of my customers compliment me on the added-values of working with me 
because I work hard to get the job done right.

Email me here: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Best Regards,

Ginkga Studio
Phone: 1-800-621-3984
Phone: 1-702-243-2998

Note: To be removed please reply with the subject "Remove" and I will remove 
you. I apologize, my intent is not to offend. I'm simply trying to make a 
living while helping people with their businesses and I feel that email is less 
intrusive than calling and interrupting anyone's day. Thank you for your time 
and God Bless!

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