Dear Investors:

I am proud to announce Gulf Resources (GFRE) as my new stock to watch with a 
speculative rating of 1, my highest level of confidence!
GFRE is an agriculture play that is trading with a P/E of 1! GFRE's market cap 
at $0.22 is $21.9MM when the company expects to finish 2008 with net income 
between $20-$23MM on revenues of $84-$90MM!
GFRE is trading for less than cash in the bank! GFRE has $22.9MM or $0.23 per 
share in cash and shareholder equity of $45.7MM, giving it a book value of 
$0.46 per share!
GFRE is one of only six companies licensed in China to produce and distribute 
Bromine and the Chinese government is giving out no new licenses!
Bromine is a valuable non-renewable resource that is very important for 
agriculture in China. GFRE is one of the largest producers of Bromine in China 
with a market share of approximately 20%.
Bromine compounds are effective pesticides, used both as soil fumigants in 
agriculture, particularly fruit-growing, and as a fumigant to prevent pests 
from attacking stored grain and other produce.
Significant volumes of world trade in agriculture goods depend on the use of 
Bromine compounds to ensure compliance with mandatory rules on quarantine. 
Bromine compounds are also used as intermediates to make some of the 
agriculture chemicals we take for granted.
Potash (POT), the largest fertilizer company in the world and the company I 
announced as my speculative rating of 2 pick last weekend before it gained 33% 
this past week... just announced in October that they increased their stake in 
Israel Chemicals:
As you can see in the following link, Israel Chemicals is the world's largest 
producer of Bromine with 35% of the world's production:
GFRE is in the right place at the right time and I am predicting a major 
short-term rally in GFRE that begins next week! I cannot express in words how 
huge GFRE's upside potential is!

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