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We now have over 1,393,326 registered members. The site for people who need 
hard to find parking; car enthusiasts; car collectors; people who work in their 
garages; people who entertain in their garage and everyone else who simply love 
a great garage! Our membership ranks are growing fast! 

Looking for a Real Estate Niche to Work In?
Agents, make yourself very visible on Agent Marketing Network

Having Top Notch Visibility of your Profile on our site is the most important 
goal that you should have if you want to generate business from our site. The 
thing you need to know is that if you have not signed up for any Agent 
Marketing Network Territories or Placed any Car Property Category Ads on the 
site, then your profile won't be visible to people who use the site.  

This network is for agents who want to take advantage of the client 
opportunities in the Car Property niche and depending on which category or 
categories that you focus on, the opportunities vary. If you're a real estate 
agent who is interested in Exclusive Agent Marketing Territories in the Car 
Property Niche, we have a great deal available for you! 

Our Exclusve Territories have an annual fee that is not expensive and the 
exclusivity provides territories that cannot be signed up for by other agents. 
This is the option for agents who really want to work in this niche and who 
don't want other agents encroaching on their territories. 

You get (2) Free 60 Day Featured Property Ads for each Exclusive Zip Code 
Territory that you sign up for (that's $160.00 in free advertising) . 
Otherwise, if you want to advertise you have to pay our regular Featured Ad 
Rates. These rates apply if you don't join our Agent Marketing Network or if 
you join on a Non-Exclusive basis. These Exclusive Territories in combination 
with the category specific property ads will raise your profile on our site 

How do I sign up for the Agent Marketing Network?   
Register your agent membership account 
Then, after you are logged in, go to our Map Search Pages 
Our Map Search Pages are the easy way to find and add Zip Code territories to 
your profile. 
Each Zip Code Territory is available in these three Car Property categories:  
Residential; Commercial; Business Opportunties 
What does it cost to join?  $50.00 per Exclusive Agent Marketing Zip Code 
Territory per year (BONUS OFFER: Two Free 60 Day Featured Ads with each 
Exclusive Territory or $160 in free advertising per zip code territory that you 
sign up for!!) 
If you want an Agent Marketing territory in more than one category, there is a 
separate fee for each category for each zip code territory. 
10% - 15% - 20% discounts are applied to your territory purchases when you sign 
up for 5-9; 10-19; 20 territories at a time 
Special pricing is available for more than 20 territories and you can contact 
us about a price. 
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