Increase Revenue
  - work more productively
  - never miss an opportunity
  - travel freely and never miss a call
  - increase customer satisfaction & retention

Start today on what thousands of small &
home-based businesses are already taking
advantage of ---our Remote Receptionist Service.


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U.S. owned and operated with NO CALLS going overseas!
Again, NO CALLS go overseas!!!

New Year and a tough economy means it is time to 
employ new ideas. A Remote Receptionist is a live 
receptionist that resides in our facility but 
appears to clients as though she is right outside 
your office.  Travel freely without ever missing
an important opportunity due to our ability to
transfer a call to any number you designate.  You
will be able to work more productively because
our receptionists will greet, screen, announce
and tranfer your calls for you.  It will also 
send a better image of your business when
you are not answering all of your own calls.

Think about FICA, no PTO, no headache 
with hiring, training and retaining with 
what is typically a high turnover position.


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Our remote receptionist service provides; 
live call answering in less than 5 seconds, 
call screening, call announcing, call forwarding
to any location you like (office, mobile, etc), 
voice mail to email automation and other 
professional services.

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Who says that professional, reliable
receptionists have to cost a fortune?

When you use our Remote Receptionist Service, 
we'll put our team of top-flight, highly-trained 
professional receptionists to work for you. And at 
an extremely low cost that your small or home-based 
business can easily afford.

How do we it? Easy. We answer the phone to your 
firm's name, announce and transfer callers, 
and take messages or place calls in voicemail upon 

But don't take our word for it. Put our Remote Receptionist 
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IMPORTANT: Our Remote Receptionist Service is NOT an impersonal 
answering service or a anonymous call center. 
Our mission is to provide highly personalized 
receptionist services to clients who require the 
highest standards of professionalism no matter where 
they're working. 
and put us to the test, 
risk free.

Today, it doesn't matter where your receptionist sits - 
in your office or in ours. All that counts is that you 
get exceptional service and professionalism at an e
xtremely affordable price.


Leland Noble

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