Dear Sir, 

my names are Mohan Dasmunsi, from DARFUR in SUDAN  but due to good 
recommendation from a good friend of mine that works with chambers  of 
commerce; mining and agriculture here in Burkina Faso on my search of a 
reliable and trusted partner overseas, who will assist me for champion this 
proposal and further investment in his country although I did not disclose why 
I was looking for your contact considering the nature and secrecy of the 
business I am the first son of the Late Baalu Dasmunsi who was the former 
chairman/CEO  Sudan Oil and gas company in the regime of President Omar  Hassan 
Al-Bashir. He was killed by the militia rival ethnic group. 


During his stay in the Government, he was able to secure $12 Million US Dollars 
(cash) which he placed in a metal trunk box and kept in a security company that 
specialised in safe keeping of classified matters in a neighbouring country 
Burkina Faso .Before his death he called me and handed me the certificate of 
deposit for the safe keeping and other relevant documents. He further revealed 
to me that the money was deposited in disguise as family treasures and as 
classified matters. Belonging to him and his foreign partner whose name is 
unanimous. He instructed that I should sort for a reliable and honest foreigner 
who will stand as the foreign partner for me so that I can be able to clear the 
money from the security company. He also said that I should make good use of 
this money for investment in abroad the home of the foreigner that I might 


Two months later my mother died as a result of heart attack as she was carrying 
a 6 months pregnancy. 


After her death I and my younger brother went to Burkina Faso where my father 
lodged the money, we searched and sort out the security company. The director 
of the company said that he can only release the consignment if I should come 
with the foreign partner as stated by my late father backed with the documents 
with me. 


We are on exile here in Burkina Faso since the war; we are suffering here in 
Burkina Faso . We are subjected to severer condition. Please Sir helps us in 
the name of the Almighty God the most merciful and most gracious that created 
both of us. 


I am contacting you for this neat transaction because of your professional and 
business background which put you in a good position to keep my confident 
intact with you. All I want from you is to assist me in putting claim over this 


I am inviting you to urgently prepare to come to Ouagadougou Burkina Faso where 
my late father deposited the vaults as gold and jewelleries in Security 
Company. You need to come down to Ouagadougou-Burkina Faso and open a 
non-resident bank account to facilitate the transfer of the fund to your 
country for the purpose of investment under your kind control. 


You will arrange for granting of citizenship of your country for me and my 
younger brother. 

I will furnish you with the necessary documents involved. I kindly advise you 
to contact me to enable us finalise when you are coming. 


Thanks for your anticipated co-operation. 


Yours sincerely brother, 


Mohan Dasmunsi

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