Dear AALOA promoters,

my name is Marco Eichelberg, and I am representing the OFFIS Institute for
Information Technology here, a non-profit research institute specializing
in Computer Science research related to the application areas health,
energy and transportation. The institute has been active in AAL research
for quite a while, including projects such as

- GAL  (
- PAALiativ (
- PAGE (

My personal background is medical imaging, where I have been working on an Open 
toolkit for the DICOM standard (which is the most important image format and
communication protocol in medical imaging) for more than 15 years - see

Open source and the establishment of an AAL middleware platform along with
a sufficiently large user community that warrants a long-term stability of
the platform is of high interest for us.

With best regards,
Dr. Marco Eichelberg

Dr. Marco Eichelberg
Gruppenleiter Integrationstechnik | Manager Integration Technology Group

FuE Bereich Gesundheit | R&D Division Health
Escherweg 2 - 26121 Oldenburg - Germany
Phone/Fax.: +49 441 9722-147/111

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