Hi all,

I would like to volunteer for the governing board of AALOA representing the 
Austria's biggest non-profit research center Austrian Institute of Technology 
GmbH -AIT.

Kind regards,
Sten Hanke

Von: Francesco Furfari [mailto:francesco.furf...@isti.cnr.it]
Gesendet: Sonntag, 31. Oktober 2010 10:56
An: Hanke Sten
Cc: Francesco Potortì
Betreff: Re: AALOA

Dear Sten,

I'm happy for this mail :-)  ...   answers are in-line

Il 28/10/2010 11.50, Hanke Sten ha scritto:
Dear Francesco,

based on what we talked in Madrid I want you to add me as a person to the AALOA 

Sten you should reply to the mail on the Promoters mailing list with subject
"[aaloa promoters] Nominating the temporary governing board"
the last reply was from Thomas Karopka

I think we also wrote you a mail some month ago that I have checked with our 
offices that AIT-HBS would like to be a promoting company. So far I see us not 
on the AALOA page (the logo you find in the erroom).
Please use the following link (also behind Andreas and my name in the supporter 
and promoter list!!): http://www.ait.ac.at/homeCare-AALSolutions

Probably I misunderstood your position. By the way  being promoters as 
organization means that your Organization  may be asked to share the cost of 
the infrastructure ... in this moment we don't have big expenditure ... CNR is  
providing the machine and the domain maintenance, but it could be in the future 
we need to share cost of maintaining the association in general.  We (CNR, 
FhIGD, ITACA, SINTEF) had a telco in order to discuss about such issues, but we 
don't have a formal agreement... only a gentlemen agreement and a number of 
Expression of Interest (letters exchanged)

If you are sure that you want this visibility and "duties",  then replying to 
the above mail, I suggest you to state also the intention of your organization 
to be listed as Promoting Organization as you are committed to strongly support 
this community, and that Andreas will contact the other organisations by 
sending an Expression of Interest. (we can talk better about this)

Concerning the names don't worry. You are listed in both the groups. The 
difference is that in the web page they are listed alphabetically, while in the 
manifest according the time they joined.

You will also get a message soon that we want to join AALOA with a project 
called H.O.M.E.R which is an OSGI based sensor service platform we want also to 
offer in open source and which is already used in the BEDMOND AAL-JP. Please 
consider homer.aaloa.org

Great to know about this !!!
Sten the first project to be supported will be ZigBee 4OSGi. We will start  in 
few days (week) and you will see an example of the procedure that we will put 
in place. Basically a project proposal should be submitted to the temporary 
governing board to be accepted and incorporated. Yes, the board of which you 
will be part, then the needed infrastructure will be allocated for the project, 
 if it is accepted.
The important things to know are:
- Is the project already active?  if yes than there are a number of persons 
already working on it and maybe sharing already some infrastructure. Are those 
infrastructures public? are they using collaborative tools for an OS 
development? If yes, then we can just point to your host machine with the 
address homer.aaloa.org
This would mean to really start to federate projects and you as Promoting 
Organization to create a piece of the shared infrastructure of AALOA. (in this 
case I would suggest you to allocate a separate machine for the project, in 
fact one of the option we discussed was to donate Host machines to the 
Otherwise, if you need to create this infrastructure from the scratch, we would 
allocate the resources for you.
It means that on the AALOA Host machine we would instantiate the software you 
It would be more easy having you as promoter, because in this case one  
"infrastructure manager" of your organization could be granted with access 
right to our machine and start to set up your environment.
Yes, because each project is autonomous, we don't force you to use the same 
tools apart from the SVN repository, that is important to track the activity of 
all the community.

Another important aspect is the number of people working in the project. You 
should indicate the number of initial committers, and the project leader who 
will maintain contact with the Governing Board of AALOA (this should be 
confirmed by the Bylaw of the association when incorporated )
Moreover it is also useful to list a number of persons (key person, 
personalities)  that express their interest in the project proposal ... they 
don't necessarily be part active of the project now neither in the future. This 
is also a way to push you to make publicity to your project, and to bring new 
attention to AALOA too.

As discussed please consider me also member of the technical committee in the 
Evaal - so far its possible that my colleagues from AIT can also submit to the 
competition of localization.

As member of the Steering Board of EvAAL I will signal your request to the 
chair of the program committee.
I will be back to you on this ASAP.

Thank you for your help and participation
Feel free to ask me more details, we can also talk by phone


Kind regards Sten

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