in my opinion it is enough simple to say that ASF is right, and the behaviour of Sun/Oracle undermines all the Java community process. If you see the old voting on Java 6, many partners like IBM, RedHat and Intel agreed on the position of ASF.

But now, what is not clear to me are the moves mainly at IBM and then Eclipse. With my limited understanding of the strategies of the big players, I could interpret the events as Oracle was afraid of the parallel market opened by Google/Android. Harmony project was used mainly by Android project and they built a non standard JVM, so this could be the "undisclosed" truth , they want to have control on the java specification and ASL2.0 is too permissive. However the point is that the same problems of Harmony there will be with the OpenJDK project, that is GPL based. What does Oracle think to do with OpenJDK? if they provide a TCK license without the restriction imposed to ASF for the embedded system, then it is clear that it is a war against ASF or their license model.

I cannot explain the move of IBM to OpenJDK otherwise. They rethought their licensing policy ...

In the justification of the Eclipse vote they said: "If Java does not start to progress as a platform, it will die." I fear that if they slow down the spread of Java on embedded systems, then Android or even other languages will prevail.
.... and embedded systems are at the core of any AmI scenario  :-(

By the way I'm not optimist like Stephen Colebourne about the results of the vote.
In the end many will vote on the technical merits of the JSR.


Il 20/11/2010 23.57, ha scritto:

Dear all,

As you probably know interesting Java 7 discussions are running outside. This is probably one of the interesting discussion tracks,

At a personal level, and taking into account Java 8 discussion topics and trends, I feel that this agreement

combined with the Oracle position concerning the TCK are impacting importantly in the future of our projects and/or initiatives.

Is there any point of view on this topic?

 Best regards,


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