Dear All,

I think that in this Christmas period, with two days in advance of the official closure of the voting (23/12), but with the exception of re-opening it in case of new negative votes before Dec. 23,

we can announce that the vote has passed with 13 positive votes (+1) , no abstentions (0) , no votes against (-1)

The vote results are:

    +1 Sergio Guillen (*)
    +1 Saied Tazari (*)
    +1 Thomas Karopka (*)
    +1 Sten Hake (*)
    +1 Joe Gorman (*)
    +1 Luca Odetti
    +1 Jesus Bermejo
    +1 Cesar Iglesias
    +1 Dario Salvi
    +1 Stefano Lenzi
    +1 Antonio Kung (*)
    +1 Roberto Casas
    +1 Bruno Jean-Bart

(*) binding votes

We have time during this vacation to prepare the tools for the new project.

Kind Regards,

Il 16/12/2010 14.58, Francesco Furfari ha scritto:
 Dear Governing Board of AALOA, and Promoters,

I would like to submit to your attention the attached project proposal concerning the ZigBee networks integration with the OSGi platform.

I ask you to consider it for becoming an AALOA Project and to allocate the needed resources for its software development.

As promoter of this proposal and member of the Governing Board I will abstain from voting on this issue. I remember to the promoters that even if they haven't a binding vote, their comments are very welcome.

Kind regards,

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