Am 12.02.2011 19:06, schrieb Francesco Furfari:
Dear All,

the European project BRAID (http://braidproject.org/) has requested to join the AALOA as supporter. It means that we will add the name and logo of the project in the Manifesto and website. BRAID is a running FP7 project, and I'm confident it will provide a valuable contribution to AALOA.

This vote will be open for a week.
Please express your vote in time.

BRAID (Bridging Research in Ageing and ICT Development) is an ?EU FP7 Support Actionaimed at developing a comprehensive Research and Technological Development (RTD) roadmap for active ageing, by consolidating existing roadmaps and by describing and launching a stakeholder co-ordination and consultation mechanism. The project's aims are to characterisekey research challenges and produce a vision for a comprehensive approach in supporting the well-being and socio-economic integration of increasing numbers of senior citizens in Europe. BRAID is building upon the experience and knowledge developed in previous projects, namely AALIANCE <http://www.aaliance.eu/>, CAPSIL <http://www.capsil.org/>, ePAL <http://www.epal.eu.com>, and SENIOR <http://www.seniorproject.eu/>, while taking account of e-inclusion efforts in the EU27 as well as Australia, Canada, Japan and the US.

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