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Homer is very welcome. It is one more OSGi-based project and the first one dealing with the situation recognition topic. As far as the license is concerned, I suppose that at least the code derived by UniMode OS project will be GPL based. At the moment we don't have a specific license policy in AALOA, so GPL, LGPL or Apache-like licences are welcome, however it is important to choose an Open Source license and define very well the dependencies with external code.


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BTW, under which License is the homer.core code released and where is it hosted?

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Dear all,

the HOMER project is asking to be part of the AALOA as a new Open Source Project inside AALOA.

Please see in the proposal attached several information about HOMER.

HOMER is an open and flexible OSGi-based software platform which aims at the integration of various home automation systems. HOMER has been so far developed by the AIT Biomedical Systems Group in the Health & Environment Department and is in parts already used in several national and international projects.

Thanks for your VOTE.

Kind regards Sten

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