Dear AALOA members!

I am happy that new projects are welcome to AALOA and want to thank you for 
such a warm welcome with all positive votes.
I'm looking forward to publish and promote the HOMER project on AALOA homepages 
and hope synergies with other projects will arise.
Btw. HOMER is an abbr. for HOMe Event Recognition system and is designed as AAL 
platform for (smart) homes.

Best Regards

Von: Francesco Furfari []
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 16. März 2011 12:25
An: Hanke Sten
Cc:; Fuxreiter Thomas
Betreff: Re: [aaloa promoters] [VOTE] HOMER project for AALOA project

Dear All,

I think it is time to close the vote, and to warmly invite Thomas Fuxreiter, 
leader of the Homer project, to proceed with the project incubation.

the vote has passed with 14 positive votes (+1) , no abstentions (0) , no votes 
against (-1)

+1 Dario Salvi
+1 Thomas Karopka (*)
+1 Francesco Furfari (*)
+1 Andreas Hochgatterer
+1 Reiner Wichert (*)
+1 Juan Pablo Lazaro
+1 Kush Wadhwa
+1 Antonio Kung (*)
+1 Juan-Carlos Naranjo
+1 César Iglesias
+1 Jesus Bermejo
+1 Luca Odetti
+1 Stefano Chessa
+1 Sergio Guillén (*)

Thomas, welcome to AALOA  !!
I will send you another email describing the services we offer for your project.

Best Regards

On 02/03/2011 12.44, Hanke Sten wrote:
Dear all,

the HOMER project is asking to be part of the AALOA as a new Open Source 
Project inside AALOA.
Please see in the proposal attached several information about HOMER.

HOMER is an open and flexible OSGi-based software platform which aims at the 
integration of various home automation systems. HOMER has been so far developed 
by the AIT Biomedical Systems Group in the Health & Environment Department and 
is in parts already used in several national and international projects.

Thanks for your VOTE.

Kind regards Sten

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Biomedical Systems

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