Dear Thomas,

here some initial instructions in order to incubate the HOMER project within AALOA

We have a private mailing list you can use to ask questions about the configuration of your project and any further help you may need.

We can offer such facilities:

-- *Mailing lists, and email services* (*mandatory*)
It is a mandatory service that developers and users must use to exchange information as OS community. You can request to create different mailing list with the following structure:
<mailing-list-name>@<project-name>   (mandatory)
(i.e or

-- *Source Code Repository* (*mandatory*)
We use a centrlized SVN repository to keep track of the coding
(i.e. svn://

-- *Software artifacts repository* (optional)
we use a Maven  repository  : Nexus (

-- *Content Management System* (optional)
we can instantiate a Joomla based CMS (

-- *Project Management System* :   (optional)
We can install a Redmine (

So apart from the mailing list and SVN you are free to use whatever you want. Basically we will create a new DNS record for the domain **, and many services can be managed and hosted directly by you at AIT. The_most urgent action_ is to create a static page for HOMER, we can link from AALOA ( Then you can decide with calm how to organize your project and which resources you need.

More instruction will follow on how to report about the status of your project.

Have a nice week end

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