Hello Francesco,

i didn't mean to use the tutorial session as a voting platform.  We should
vote first, and if successful, the new software should be introduced and
taught by a tutorial session, as a dissemination instrument.


Am 10.06.11 10:34 schrieb "Francesco Furfari" unter

>Hello Gottfried,
>It's a good suggestion  but IMO it cannot be adopted as general rule.
>The main reason is that project proposals can also start from scratch,
>not being necessarily derived from EU projects and having some initial
>stuff to show.
>I think that VAALID can organize such a tutorial session enough easily (
>but they are close to a project review, so I guess hey are busy enough),
>and I was discussing at the AMB workshop a similar issue with Thomas
>Fuxter the leader of the Homer project. It is their intention to create
>even a video to show the potentiality of the HOMER platform ... ( yet
>the timing  is the problem).
>It is not clear  to me if you think to use the "tutorial session" for
>voting or it is a general request for a better dissemination of the
>platforms in AALOA.
>On 09/06/2011 18.42, Gottfried Zimmermann wrote:
>> +1.
>> I suggest that there should be a "tutorial session" (can be by web
>> conferencing) in which you and the other VAALID contributors will
>> their software tools, so that we get an idea for what we can use them
>> how.
>> Similarly, such a session should be organized for every software
>> that is being contributed to AALOA.
>> Thanks,
>> Gottfried
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>> Dear ALL,
>> I'm happy to announce that a number of partners from the EU VAALID
>> decided to propose part of their software for incubation within AALOA.
>> The attached proposal is very interesting with a good roadmap indicating
>> commitment to maintain and improve the software.
>> Please cast your vote as usual in a week, asking for further
>> if needed.
>> +1   [ I agree ]
>> 0     [ I don't care, I don't know ]
>> -1    [ I don't agree, I'm contrary ]
>> Best regards,
>> Francesco

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