Dear AALOA promoters,

Thank you very much for your votes, it's a pleasure for VAALID and all of us to 
become a member of AALOA portfolio of projects and we hope you find our work 
and results useful and we can collaborate more closely…

We will start as soon as possible with the setting up of the resources and, 
taking into account the very good idea of Gottfried, we will organize a 
tutorial session next month, once we finish with our last project Review that 
will be the first week of July…

On behalf of VAALID Consortium our kindest regards,



Pilar Sala
Project manager


Univ. Politécnica de Valencia
Edificio G8 - Camino de Vera s/n
46022 Valencia

office:     +34 96 387 76 06
mobile:   +34 667 486 128
fax:         +34 96 387 72 79
skype user: msalaso<>

De: Francesco Furfari 
Fecha: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 17:39:05 +0200
Para: "<>" 
<<>>, Pilar Sala Soriano 
Asunto: Re: [aaloa promoters][Result] [Vote] new project proposal: VAALID IDE

Dear All, Pilar

I'm happy to announce that the VAALID IDE  proposal has been accepted.
The vote has passed with 16 positive votes (+1) , no abstentions (0) , no votes 
against (-1)

The vote results are:

    +1 Joe Gorman (*)
    +1 R. Benjamin Knapp
    +1 Antonio Kung (*)
    +1 Stefano Chessa
    +1 Kush Wadhwa
    +1 Sergio Guillen (*)
    +1 Fuxreiter Thomas
    +1 Andreas Hochgatterer
    +1 Michele Girolami
    +1 Luca Odetti
    +1 Dario Salvi
    +1 Sten Hanke
    +1 Juan Pablo Lazaro Ramos
    +1 Gottfried Zimmermann
    +1 Francesco Furfari (*)
    +1 Jesus Bermejo

(*) binding votes

Pilar you can refer to the following email for the first instructions about the 
incubation process.
Feel free to write me for any doubt or clarification request.

Please, for a better dissemination of VAALID results take also into account the 
advise you find at:

Welcome and  AALOA to Pilar and all the team of VAALID project
Kind regards

On 06/06/2011 10.00, Francesco Furfari wrote:
Dear ALL,

I'm happy to announce that a number of partners from the EU VAALID project 
decided to propose part of their software for incubation within AALOA.

The attached proposal is very interesting with a good roadmap indicating 
commitment to maintain and improve the software.

Please cast your vote as usual in a week, asking for further clarification if 

+1   [ I agree ]
0     [ I don't care, I don't know ]
-1    [ I don't agree, I'm contrary ]

Best regards,

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