Thanks Sue,

I put a suggestion to the list that those recognized to send a link to their local media and post the awards on their own board. Maybe we could give them a graphic of an award or Black Tie with their name on it as an attached gif that they could put on their website as a reward recipient, it increases the value of the award.

Also in the future when we recognize people we could find out the market the awardees live in, and with their permission, send a link to the media in their town for them. It sounds better when it comes from the awarding Association rather than the WISP who could appear to be blowing his own horn, figuratively.


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PRWeb Press Release is Live

Fyi...the WISPAPALOOZA press release went out this morning. The story is posted on the WISPA website so please use the following link when sharing with others so that WISPA gets the search engine optimization rather than PRWeb. I also submitted on social media.



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