SO I mention an idea to Sue and it's done just after mid-day. Now that it is we could likely send these to this year's winners. I get the feel from the below comment that Sue wants to pick just one for brand recognition. Just to remind this would be issued to the winner's website for them to put it in a corner to show customers they are recognized by the Association. I feel the tie is separate from the plaque awards so we should keep both, obviously Sue and I are putting it here so we can now hear your ideas/opinions.

Thanks so much!

ThanksJ. We need to choose one image that we would use ongoing for brand recognition. We would have one for each award and send the specific one to the awardee. Then next year, we would change the year and send the next round out.

Do you want to send these to the promotions committee for their review and feedback?



Hi Sue,

I love these!!!! You can put in the text area "Black Tie Recognition" "Black Scarf" for the women
So the above could be for the tie winners and the below would be for plaque winners.

You decide if we should have one or both!


On 10/21/2014 2:20 PM, Suzanne Urash wrote:

   Hi Forbes,

   Attached is the black tie award icon/logos. I tried to create one
   with a tie on it but the tie comes out too small. The attached
   images are typically the max size that would go on websites. I like
   the all black one as it is subliminal (a black knight's shield).
   It's also easier to read the text.

   Let me know what you think or if you have other ideas.





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