Tom Prince <> writes:

   >>   Does anybody use -I ... -as ... ?? Does anybody has an opinion
   >>   about whether Coq Proof General should support -I ... -as ... ??

   If somebody needs it later, we can
   always add it.

Of course, but I don't want to make an incompatible change, when
we add -I ... -as ... later. 

Given that nobody really needs -I ... -as ..., I suggest to have
3 kinds of elements in coq-load-path:

- simple strings for option -I
- lists of the form ('rec "dir" "path") for -R dir -as path,
  where path can be omitted for -R dir
- lists of the form ('nonrec "dir" "path") for -I dir -as path,

Finally, for convenience, elements of the form ("dir") and 
("dir" "path") are treated as abbreviations of ('rec "dir") and
('rec "dir" "path"), respectively.


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