Thanks for the report, I've put it into Trac here:

Would help to clarify: which version of PG you are using?

 - D.

On 15/06/12 09:34, Paolo Herms wrote:
I tried proofgeneral on the newly released emacs and it works at first sight
but seems to have some problems with long input, like the one produced by this
bash script:

function mk { echo "Check fun n, match n with "; s=O; for ((i=0;i<$1;i++)); do
echo "  | $s =>  n"; s="(S $s)"; done; echo "  | _ =>  n end."; }>  x.v

Processing x.v for small arguments like
$ mk 10
works but for bigger ones like
$ mk 100
it blocks without consuming cpu.
Weirdly for me the threshold seems to be 42...

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