2013/7/4 Hendrik Tews <t...@os.inf.tu-dresden.de>

> Hi,
> I am happy to see Pierre you back on this list and back
> committing to Proof General.

I try to find some time but it is difficult.

> Regarding the 4.3 release: There are some indentation bugs in the
> tracker. Pierre, could you spend some time for them?

Except #466 are there other bugs on indentation? I don't see them.

> I intend to fix #467 and have a look at #460.
> Does anybody else use the new parallel compilation feature?
> For me it works perfectly and I would make it default (and delete
> serial compilation before the 4.4 release).

I use it and had no problem too.

I have some comments about recent commits:
> - the project file feature should IMHO be mentioned in the user
>   manual

You are right. Done. I also said that it is the now recommended way of
doing things.

> - similarly for the coq/faq: wouldn't it be better to integrate
>   this in the user manual and have then a "coq faq" link on the
>   web page?

I don't understand this one. Do you mean in the coq user manual?

- similarly for ML4PG: it certainly deserves a separate
>   subsection in the user manual
Yes, I have no contact with the authors but that would be great.

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